Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Volunteers For Animals Fundraiser

Well we just completed our second full day of photographing our fine furry friends with help from the VFA . We have successfully raised over $400 for their Spay and Neuter program and look forward to raising even more next year.
It brings us great joy and much laughter to have all of the cats and dogs(and owners) in the studio. I find it truly heartwarming how much people LOVE their animals and want to preserve their spirit in a timeless photograph.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beach outside of Haast

This was a very interesting stretch of beach just outside of a small fishing village by the name of Haast on the west coast of New Zealand. I just sort of got a feeling when we came around the corner that this place was going to be special. The sun was setting and we just felt compelled to get out of the car. What we found was quite unique. The beach went as far as the eye can see(about4 miles) filled with incredible pieces of drift wood. Some pieces as large as the small car we had been driving for several days, completely smooth and beautifully aged by the sea. At a closer look realized that the passer bys had fashioned little statue's out of some smaller pieces of drift wood. The sea was very fierce in this paticular area and a bit intimadating for me. There was plenty of evidence that it frequently reached not only the road we were traveling on but the tree's across the road in high tide.

Another especially unique feature were these completely white rocks that were strewn all over the beach. All shapes and size's being pushed ashore. We realized when we got out of the car the white rocks closest to the road had messages hand written on them from traveler's all over the world. They too had once passed through this majestic stretch of road and felt compelled to leave a piece of them selves behind. Messages to loved one's back home, well wish's to friends and family, couples on their honey moon, families traveling together. People from Japan, Germany, France, Italy, the US everywhere you looked their were messages. Some had been aged and faded from the elements some brand new. You couldn't help but leave there with some type of sense, a sense that was unique to only you, but that held great power. I feel blessed to have been able to experience such raw and life changing beauty.